Mask On – COVID-19 isn’t gone

This piece (Mask On) is meant to capture how if we consider the people around us by social distancing and wearing masks, i.e. thinking about the well-being of our community over our own selfish needs, then we can achieve a better way of living. Not only through this pandemic but if we take these ideas and apply them elsewhere we can have peace.

Gabriella Presnal, a first-year Fine Art student. They currently live in Finland, their fifth country of residence, having mostly lived in the USA but also Germany (where they were born), Sweden and Canada. They often use their art to speak out about injustices around the world, focusing on human rights, activism and the global political climate. Their works have been presented in various exhibitions, such as Genuine Expression, a solo exhibition in downtown Helsinki during Pride month, and Stay Creative Stay Alive by Future Art, an online exhibition.

At the beginning of September, Pirkanmaa Hospital District reported that over 70 people have been exposed to COVID-19, and 7 students of Tampere University have been tested positive, after a chain of possible infections.

Jaana Syrjänen, the chief physician of Tampere University Hospital, told Yle that the infections apparently originated from outside the university campus, likely during leisure activities.

Students and staff at Tampere University and TAMK continue to primarily work and study remotely. Anyone who does go to campuses must follow safety precautions (a safe distance from others, restrictions on gatherings)

Face masks are recommended in situations and facilities were maintaining a physical distance is not possible.

Practicing these guidelines outside of campus and school settings is just as important to limit the spread of COVID-19 in social activities.

Tampere University and TAMK recommend the use of the Koronavilkku contact tracing app, produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

Information from Yle article, and TUNI Coronavirus page in Intranet. Stay up to date on the guidelines by Tampere Universities via the dedicated coronavirus page on the intranet.

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