8th Myth’s latest collab transcends borders

New Music Alert! On Thursday a new track titled ‘Hurting‘ will be released. The track transcends borders through an international collab between musicians 8th Myth, and AD, and produced by Matt Makes Music. AD and Matt Makes Music are all the way across the world in Australia and New Zealand, while 8th Myth is here in Tampere, Finland.

8th Myth, also known as Brandon Emene, is currently a second-year Music Production student at TAMK Mediapolis. At TAMK, Brandon has been able to connect with many other people and collab with them. Earlier this year he was part of the group that put on YEAR ONE an exhibition created by first-year students featuring first-year students’ works. I asked Brandon to tell a bit about himself as an artist.

Wassup People of the universe and other dimensions. I am the 8th Myth, not to be confused with wonder. I am an entity that resides within the alter ego of FroMan who many of you know as Brandon Emene.

I am a force that communicates through sonic vibration, or rather music.  A wise man once said “I don’t make music, music channels through me,” this is the purpose of my existence. There is no genre to me, it is all about the sound. The feeling. The experience. Sound communicates things that words can not.

My goal is to bring people away from reality to place them in a world different from the one they know. An experience that is different is one that is strongly felt and remembered.

Music has always been apart of my life as it is for many peoples I am just an expression given form an idea a myth has given substance I am here to express truth. To show you the world as I perceive it. To bring people together through melody and harmony. If there’s a killer wave you got to surf my creative process is like this. I don’t have a set way of doing things I like to switch it up and keep it fresh for myself.

TAMK has opened many doors for me in the short time I have been attending the school. It has allowed me to learn from others and their process and make connections with people of similar mindset and ideas. This includes some of my new inspirations being some of my new friends and schoolmates.

When it comes to the tunes, you can find some old stuff on SoundCloud at Fromanpro, or as of very recently 8th Myth on Spotify and YouTube.

This is just the beginning and I hope to have your support and ears while I continue my journey. As always, stay safe and stay frosty.

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