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Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery 

Can art be used as a transformative tool towards a more optimistic future? This is the main question being asked by visual creator Luiza Preda and sonic artist, Allan Castellanos, who have created a promising experience for Tampere’s local community at Himmelblau Gallery in Finlayson for this February (4.2.22-20.2.22). The art exhibition, Aerial Roots, isContinue reading “Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery “


Immersive Videos in Igloo Cylinder

Recently TAMK Media and Art students have been able to immerse themselves into their 360 works thanks to the IglooVision Cylinder in the Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care. The Virtual Lab The Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care is an innovative co-creation platform for technology companies, service providers and TAMK RDI andContinue reading “Immersive Videos in Igloo Cylinder”

Welcome to VR Gallery

A look at the KALEIDOSCOPERS 2021 VR Gallery on Thursday at 10-11 CET as part of the iWeek programme. At 10 o’clock (CET) on Thursday Fanni Niemi-Junkola and Tommi Mäkeläinen will be presenting the Virtual Gallery created for Kaleidoscopers. The Virtual Gallery isn’t limited to exhibiting images of the artworks, but creates an additional 3DContinue reading “Welcome to VR Gallery”

Fine Art Degree Show

A tour of the Degree Show KALEIDOSCOPERS 2021 website on Thursday 25.03.2021 at 9-10 CET as part of the iWeek programme. Hosted by Sari Tervaniemi, Fanni Niemi-Junkola and the students. Welcome to the website!  Kaleidoscopers is the degree show of our graduating Fine art -students. The exhibition itself, unfortunately, has been postponed to autumn due to theContinue reading “Fine Art Degree Show”

Special Spotlight: Lunch talks with Sohvi

Welcome back to the special spotlight shedding the light on Lunch!! Join Sohvi Sirkesalo for a midafternoon chat! Laughing through Lunch hour – welcome to join! Do you smile and laugh while working alone at home? Do you miss nonsense chat with your colleagues? Do you have jokes in you lessons? Can you find humourContinue reading “Special Spotlight: Lunch talks with Sohvi”

UNITY Exhibition

UNITY virtual exhibition brings together a wide range of works created by TAMK Media, Music and Art students during the academic year 2020-2021, while re-examining what ‘art’ means and its interrelationship with life. Does art have the power to change the world?   UNITY virtual exhibition brings together a wide range of works created by TAMK Media, Music and Art studentsContinue reading “UNITY Exhibition”

Special Spotlight: UNPLUGGED

This ones going to be real special!! Welcome to the Special Spotlight: UNPLUGGED. As you know this is the BIGGEST LARGEST ALL ENCOMPASSING INTERNATIONAL WEEK YET! Roll up the curtains and get ready for a night of live performances from a multitude of talented band and Individuals including Inner Peace an electro dance music wizard,Continue reading “Special Spotlight: UNPLUGGED”

Special Spotlight: Media and F’arts Show

Oh have we got something spicy and fun planned for you this Thursday evening (25.03). A specially curated program filled with music and comedy! Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with Izzy Bunny (Isabelle Coelho) and 8th Myth (Brandon Emene) as they take you on a artistic experience and showcase of the manyContinue reading “Special Spotlight: Media and F’arts Show”

Performing Artists

Meet the TAMK Music students performing during iWeek 2021. Deniz Kirci Deniz Kirci is a singer/songwriter. Her music is defined by sentimental and poetic lyrics, accompanied by melancholic melodies. It carries bittersweet undertones, painting a somber soundscape of her experiences and thoughts as an individual and as an artist. I would describe my work asContinue reading “Performing Artists”

Special Spotlight: Masterclass: Scriptwriting as a Process – from Idea or Existing IP to Realized Production

Welcome to the Wednesday Scriptwriting Masterclass! Masterclass guests are director-producer-screenwriter Tommy Wirkola (NO), screenwriter April Wolfe (US), and screenwriter-director Leon Hendrix (US). The session’s moderator is one of the founding members of XYZ Films, producer Aram Tertzakian (US). The session is organized in the collaboration of XYZ Films and Film Tampere, Business Oulu, and theContinue reading “Special Spotlight: Masterclass: Scriptwriting as a Process – from Idea or Existing IP to Realized Production”