Generation2020 at Amos Rex

In February the exhibition, Generation 2020, opened its doors at Amos Rex, Helsinki. The exhibition features 80 young artists, from 18 to 25. The 150+ artworks of the exhibition take us through subjects, such as sexual identity, climate change, technology and future, well-being, craftmanship and visual arts traditions as well as social and personal memory.Continue reading “Generation2020 at Amos Rex”

Memes during the lockdown

An informal virtual lunchtime discussion during the 2020 International Week gave us the chance to chew over trends in the world of memes during the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. The origins, dissemination patterns and adaptations of memes are notoriously hard to track with sound academic rigour, so we rely for the time being on anecdotalContinue reading “Memes during the lockdown”

The Expatriot

Ian McIntosh is a Canadian second-year Music Production student. In 2016 he and his family moved to Turkey, and since then he’s been living abroad. This spring he started a podcast, The Expatriot, and is interviewing others that have been or are ex-pats. Here is his story and the inspiration for the podcast. Tell usContinue reading “The Expatriot”

Our Experience: Online iWeek

iWeek 2020 was the first ever fully digital iWeek since the beginning in 2008. Plans for the annual iWeek began already in January and first meeting took place in February, when we started we had no idea it would become an online event. Originally we were meant to host art exhibitions, installations, music performances, workshopsContinue reading “Our Experience: Online iWeek”

Thank you for participating in iWeek 2020!

The Art, Media and Music International Week 2020 has come to an end. It was an amazing week filled with art, music, workshops, and many discussions! We would like to thank you for attending our First Ever Online iWeek! We really appreciate your support, curiosity and openness and we apologise for any mishaps that happened!Continue reading “Thank you for participating in iWeek 2020!”

The Last Day of iWeek 2020

The last day started with Tommi Moilanen and his workshop focused on Distance Teaching Media Students. Tommi shared how he has been teaching his Filming and Lighting course through streaming and online tools. The conversation focused on how to teach from home, and what digital tools there are. A big topic was how the theoreticalContinue reading “The Last Day of iWeek 2020”

Thursday, 23rd of April

In the morning we had the Fine Art video pitching session hosted by Fanny Niemi-Junkola with Tytti Rantanen, program coordinator from AV-Arkki, & Jenni Toikka, visual artist. You can watch the films here or on our YouTube channel. Afterward, we had the final lunchtime discussion hosted by Sohvi. The special guest was Chris Smith, whoContinue reading “Thursday, 23rd of April”

Halfway through iWeek!

It’s Wednesday the 22nd, and we’re already halfway through the week! How did this happen? It’s been really great so far with many people from around the world; we have people attending from Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and more! Today started with the RDI workshop hosted by TAMK’s Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Services;Continue reading “Halfway through iWeek!”

Day 2 of iWeek 2020

This morning started off with an introduction to the Fine Art Degree Show, AtomicJungle, by Fanny. It was fascinating to hear some of the artists talk about their original intentions of the works, and how they changed to adapt to a virtual exhibition. Hopefully we can see a physical exhibition in Finlayson area this fall.Continue reading “Day 2 of iWeek 2020”

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