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Our Team

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience.

Sohvi Sirkesalo

International Coordinator

Sohvi is our International Coordinator and iWeek leader. She runs iWeek, coordinating with other teachers, partners, and collaborators.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Sohvi has been involved in organizing the teams since the beginning and worked as the coordinator since 2012. She’s very excited we get to have a hybrid iWeek this year, and welcome some of our international guests in person!  

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Jef Geeraerts

Production Assistant

My name is Jef Geeraerts and I’m the production assistant. I’m an exchange student from Brussels, Belgium and I study and I’m in my 3rd year studying TV and media production. Between all the projects and work for school, I try to stay in touch with my friends from the scouts. I joined the team because I love to organize events and it seemed a nice challenge to help and organize an International event.

Chau Anh
Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Chau Anh aka Chouvaille. My job is to design graphics for iWeek. I’m a first-year student majoring in Interactive media and a freelance illustrator as well. I’m particularly interested in art, crafting and nature.

Yu-Hsuan Yao

Marketing Manager

I look forward to showcasing all the amazing talents from TAMK media and art! Shy in writing but extremely talkative in real life.

Daria Crăciun
Content Creator 

Hello all!

I’m Daria, a 2nd year Fine Art student. My role for iWeek is Content Creating. I am working together with the Marketing Manager to make sure we provide you all with the best insight, information, and of course content! I am passionate about cinema, visual storytelling, and photography! In my free time, I like to hang out with friends as well as travel. I hope to be able to meet all of you in person soon! 

Gabriella Presnal
Exhibition Coordinator 

Hello! I am Gabriella Presnal, I’m a second-year student at TAMK studying fine arts in the Media & Arts Bachelor. Some of my interests include learning languages, reading about cultural & political theory, Netflix, and of course, my dog. I’m looking forward to seeing my classmate’s art and hearing from experts about the creative industry. We have been virtual for so long so I’m excited to have so much activity on our campuses during this week!

Deniz Kardzha
Music Coordinator

Hi! I’m Deniz. I’m a 2nd-year music production student, and a singer/songwriter. I’ll be co-producing/hosting some of the music segments in this years’ iWeek. This will be my first time participating as an organiser, so I’m excited!

Brandon Emene
Music Producer/Media and F’Arts show

My name is Brandon Emene, I’m a 3rd year Music Production student. My role for iWeek is Production lead. Through the mystical tools known as technology, I craft audio sorcery and lyrical wizardry. I’m always down for a good conversation and am a huge advocate of collaboration! If you are around me don’t be shy to say what’s up cause I will most likely do it anyway. 

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