Immersive Videos in Igloo Cylinder

Recently TAMK Media and Art students have been able to immerse themselves into their 360 works thanks to the IglooVision Cylinder in the Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care. The Virtual Lab The Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care is an innovative co-creation platform for technology companies, service providers and TAMK RDI andContinue reading “Immersive Videos in Igloo Cylinder”

Performing Artists

Meet the TAMK Music students performing during iWeek 2021. Deniz Kirci Deniz Kirci is a singer/songwriter. Her music is defined by sentimental and poetic lyrics, accompanied by melancholic melodies. It carries bittersweet undertones, painting a somber soundscape of her experiences and thoughts as an individual and as an artist. I would describe my work asContinue reading “Performing Artists”

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