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iWeek 2020

Our 13th annual TAMK Art, Music and Media iWeek in 2020 went a little differently than previous years. When Covid-19 closed our Mediapolis campus our team was determined that the show must go on, and with the encouragement of Timo Kivikangas, Manager of Media and Arts, the team produced the first ever online iWeek.

I am so grateful that, at TAMK, people are open-minded and ready to accept challenges!

Luiza Preda

After the initial shock of the lock-down, Anna Haaraoja decided to conduct interviews with music students from Mediapolis and Tampere Music Academy to learn about the early affects that Covid-19 was having in the music industry.

Our first steps were figuring out what platforms to even use and for what events. We took it one step at a time, considering every part of iWeek as an event and converting it to a digital event. Our main goal was to make it as easy as possible to follow and join.

For the month of April our team worked hard to make sure the event would happen; Sohvi reached out to our partners and international lecturers to find who could do online workshops, Anna planned online concerts using traditional event management skills to build a concert from the living room, Luiza contacted artists and collected their information for the online exhibitions, and Isabella created this website, as well as marketing the event on social media.

Online Exhibitions

For Media and Art students, iWeek is one of the biggest events of the year as it showcases all of the work students have done during the year. We created digital exhibitions from painting to music, showcasing as many skills our student have. You can SEE, WATCH or LISTEN to the exhibitions here:


SEE our online exhibitions featuring photographs, paintings, drawings, and digital art. Plus our partner exhibitions.


WATCH the films, and video installations made by our Moving Image, Animation, and Film and TV students.


LISTEN to music by our musicians and interviews by Anna Haaroja with music students.

During the spring, Isabella Presnal started an online showcase on Instagram, #TAMKOnlineGallery, to share students projects and art. We wanted to ensure that even though students are studying from home they would still be able to showcase their artwork.

A Very International iWeek

This website was designated as the key platform for the event, while Zoom meetings were used for the event sessions. The week-long event consisted of panel discussions, workshops, art talks, pitching and concerts.

As a digital event we were able to invite more people than ever before. We had 135 people sign up for events, almost half of which were from other schools! There were more people than ever before from countries like Canada, Mexico, China, Uruguay, South Korea, etc. Now we were able to invite more partners, guests and students from around the world to join our International Week.

135 guests from 26 universities

The top universities, besides TAMK, included TH Ingolstadt, Universidad ORT, and OCAD U.

Our more popular events were those related to the Moving Image studies, such as the video pitching and career guidance, and ones with international guests, like INTAC and Songwriting pitching.

There were many people in the event, but even more visited our website and virtual exhibitions, nearly 1,000 people visited this website during April, a total of 5,296 views!

We had a very international viewership, with people from all over the world coming to see our online exhibitions. From Uruguay to Germany, to Canada and the United Kingdom, from Mexico to South Korea, over 30 countries in total!

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