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Eye on TAMK 2022

Welcome to join us finally for the live event of Eye on TAMK 2022! The world has changed but we the people remain. This time we are gathering the best people to meet, connect, create new, and disseminate their best creations live in Tampere 4th to 8th April 2022.

This year,  we organize a multidisciplinary international week for everyone. The participants will be able to explore new topics and cooperation possibilities or deepen their knowledge in their field by exchanging ideas and sharing practices with international partners.

The Arts, Music, and Media track will feature workshops, panels, presentations, concerts, and exhibitions all about Media and Art! Stay tuned for more!

Eye on TAMK – Media, Music & Arts Program
What is iWeek?

iWeek, also known as TAMK Art, Music and Media International Week, is our annual event to highlight art, media, and music by our Media and Arts students studying at TAMK. It is also an important networking and cooperating meeting with our partners and colleagues from universities around the world. Every year in the spring we have a week of exhibitions, workshops, performances, panels, concerts, and more.

iWeek is also a way for us to showcase our students’ projects and work throughout the year via articles, interviews, and more. You can find many of our students featured in our #TAMKOnlineGallery on Instagram.

Read more about our students’ projects:

Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery 

Can art be used as a transformative tool towards a more optimistic future? This is the main question being asked by visual creator Luiza Preda and sonic artist, Allan Castellanos, who have created a promising experience for Tampere’s local community at Himmelblau Gallery in Finlayson for this February (4.2.22-20.2.22). The art exhibition, Aerial Roots, isContinue reading “Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery “

Performing Artists

Meet the TAMK Music students performing during iWeek 2021. Deniz Kirci Deniz Kirci is a singer/songwriter. Her music is defined by sentimental and poetic lyrics, accompanied by melancholic melodies. It carries bittersweet undertones, painting a somber soundscape of her experiences and thoughts as an individual and as an artist. I would describe my work asContinue reading “Performing Artists”


iWeek is an annual Art, Media, and Music event by TAMK Media and Art students.

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