What is iWeek?

iWeek, also known as International Week or TAMK Art, Music and Media International Week, is our annual event to highlight art, media, and music by our Media and Arts students studying at TAMK. It is also an important networking and cooperating meeting with our partners and colleagues from universities around the world. Every year in the spring we have a week of exhibitions, workshops, performances, panels, concerts and more.

iWeek is also a way for us to showcase our students’ projects and work throughout the year via articles, interviews, and more. You can find many of our students featured in our #TAMKOnlineGallery on Instagram.

iWeek 2020

2020 is our 13th iWeek. This year we decided to tackle our first ever online iWeek due to the global situation. It was a great week filled with artwork, concerts, short films, panel discussions, workshops and more.


SEE our online exhibitions featuring photography, paintings, drawings, and digital art.


Watch the films, videos, and video installations made by our Moving Image, Animation, and Film and TV students.


Hear interviews by Anna Haaroja with music producers, and music by our musicians.

We had 135 guests to enroll in the event from 26 different universities around the world! The top universities, besides TAMK, were TH Ingolstadt, Universidad ORT, and OCAD U.

There were many people in the event, but even more visited our virtual exhibitions, nearly 1,000 people visited this website during April, making 5,296 total views! We had a very international viewership, with people from all over the world coming to see our online exhibitions. From Uruguay to Germany, to Canada and the United Kingdom, from Mexico to South Korea, over 30 countries in total!

What you said:

Even better than expected. It was even at some moments (especially, the panels and workshops) more intensive than the physical iWeeks.

Intimate and informal but still structured and fascinating.

Yes, I did not expect that it was going to be fun like this.

Read more about our students’ projects:

BLM Art and Photography

In response to the current Black Lives Matter protests in the United States of America, and around the world, artists have been creating works to further support the movement. TAMK students and alumni shared their own works, expressing their views and allyship.


iWeek is an annual Art, Media and Music event by TAMK Media and Art students.

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