What is iWeek?

iWeek, also known as International Week or TAMK Art, Music and Media International Week, is our annual event to highlight art, media, and music by our Media and Arts students studying at TAMK. It is also an important networking and cooperating meeting with our partners and colleagues from universities around the world. Every year in the spring we have a week of exhibitions, workshops, performances, panels, concerts and more.

iWeek is also a way for us to showcase our students’ projects and work throughout the year via articles, interviews, and more. You can find many of our students featured in our #TAMKOnlineGallery on Instagram.

International Week 2021 was the biggest international week yet!

TAMK International Week – Eye on TAMK 2021 combined all the degree programs of TAMK, with a week full of panels, workshops, exhibitions and performances from the TAMK Media degree programs! Thank you everyone who joined us and see you next year!

Read more about our students’ projects:

Summer Events

Courses are over, the weather is warmer, it’s clear that summer is upon us. While some may be taking summer courses or working on projects or have a summer internship, there are also a few fun art and media things happening this summer!

Welcome to VR Gallery

A look at the KALEIDOSCOPERS 2021 VR Gallery on Thursday at 10-11 CET as part of the iWeek programme. At 10 o’clock (CET) on Thursday Fanni Niemi-Junkola and Tommi Mäkeläinen will be presenting the Virtual Gallery created for Kaleidoscopers. The Virtual Gallery isn’t limited to exhibiting images of the artworks, but creates an additional 3DContinue reading “Welcome to VR Gallery”


iWeek is an annual Art, Media and Music event by TAMK Media and Art students.

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