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Interactive Sensorial Art Experience at Himmelblau Gallery 

Can art be used as a transformative tool towards a more optimistic future?

This is the main question being asked by visual creator Luiza Preda and sonic artist, Allan Castellanos, who have created a promising experience for Tampere’s local community at Himmelblau Gallery in Finlayson for this February (4.2.22-20.2.22). The art exhibition, Aerial Roots, is a free-entry cultural event designed for art professionals and enthusiasts, young adults, and families with children. Aerial Roots introduces contemporary themes such as migration, cultural heritage, Finnish nature, and the relationship between humans and their environment. 

With a special focus on the spectators’ individual experiences, this is an invitation for you to get in touch with art in a different way. Combining auditory experiences with interactive audio-visuals, the Aerial Roots exhibition welcomes you to a holistic experience where you can interact with stories from other cultures while reconnecting with your own environment.

Soon to be alumni from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Luiza Preda is a Romanian visual creator working in the Fine Arts field. Her works have been exhibited in Romania, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia.

“I am interested in the interaction between the spectator and the artwork within certain pre-created spatial conditions to access some of our most innate human features: curiosity, empathy, and playfulness.” – Luiza Preda, 2021

For instance, in her solo show from the Museum of Art in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the audience was asked to find the photographs in the exhibition space by themselves. Each spectator received a flashlight at the entrance and went into a pitch-dark 60 meters labyrinth created in the six underground rooms of the museum.

Until recently, Luiza Preda’s work has been predominantly autobiographical and centered around using the camera as a therapeutic tool. As an emerging arts developer, she has conducted art-related workshops in Mexico, Finland, and Germany. At the moment, the most important goal in her practice is to actively engage people and create projects that will not only create a visible change within herself but also within every viewer and participant. 

Allan Castellanos is a sound designer, music producer, and emerging media content creator from Mexico. Having started playing music at a young age, first the guitar and radically shifting to synthesizers, Castellanos is now working in the professional audio industry and live event production. As a sonic artist, he is currently creating Augmented Reality (AR) installations in museums and art galleries using generative music and audio-reactive visuals.

“As technology is developing at such a fast pace, new forms of sonic interactions are quickly needed. I believe that with the new technological tools available on the market at the moment, art experiences will significantly change, very soon.” – Allan Castellanos, 2021

As an entrepreneur of ten years working in IT and sound, Castellanos is currently developing new digital tools that recognize the body as an instrument for new ways of sonic interaction and musical expression. 

Aerial Roots exhibition will take place at Himmelblau Gallery, in the heart of Tampere, Finlayson Art Area, Finland from 4th to 20th of February, 2022. Free admission, family-friendly, wheelchair accessible. 

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Finlaysoninkuja 9, 3d floor


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