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Performing Artists

Meet the TAMK Music students performing during iWeek 2021.

Deniz Kirci

Deniz Kirci is a singer/songwriter.

Her music is defined by sentimental and poetic lyrics, accompanied by melancholic melodies.
It carries bittersweet undertones, painting a somber soundscape of her experiences and thoughts as an individual and as an artist.

I would describe my work as personal, and my aim is always to express myself and try to inspire and touch others with my art.


Rohto is a new Finnish indie rock band whose first record will be released later this year.

Their songs tell stories inspired by love, melancholy, dynamics between humans and the natural world, as well as individual narratives in a societal context.

Inner Peace

Allan Castellanos, also known as Inner Peace, is a Mexican producer and sound designer based in Finland.

Inner Peace is a sonic art project full of captivating creative sounds, ancient rhythms and a mix of modern sounds that will be right up your alley!


Unluckyluke’s music can be characterized as hip hop and rap with undertones from many genres. It’s music made for others to enjoy while getting to say what he wants to say.

Sometimes there’s a message, sometimes there’s not. Don’t take sh*t too seriously is the message in all of it though. Just f*cking live your life and do what you want is what I want to portray.


George is a rock guitarist, singer, songwriter from Bulgaria, currently based in Tampere, Finland.

George grew in a musical environment which made him pick up the guitar at the early age of eight years old. His musical influences are too many to cut them down to a few bands but as genres go Melodic Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Alternative Metal have been highly influential in George’s music career.

I hope that you will be in front of your screens because you don’t not want to miss my acoustic
performance at the iWeek.

Peace & love, and stay safe!

Luzid Zoo

Luzid Zoo is a three piece progressive rock band hailing from Tampere Finland. Luzid Zoo wants to take it back to the day of old Rock’n Roll.

These brothas know how to throw down in the town
-8th Myth

See George and Luzid Zoo play in the Monday 22.03.2021 Concert
Tune in on Wednesday 24.03.2021 for iWeek’s UNPLUGGED evening event
to see Deniz, Rohto, Unluckyluke and Inner Peace perform!

See the full Art, Music and Media iWeek 2021 schedule here.


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