Where’s the dessert?

Where’s the dessert? is a question asked when you are feeling there should be more coming but you are not seeing it happening.  

The painting plays with metaphors and self-irony. Different faces in the picture describe the different states of disappointment and following sadness. 

Salla Kuoppamaa

Salla Kuoppamaa is an art student based in Tampere. She is a dreamer and has always been interested in art.  

Making art is a way for her to connect the inner and outer worlds. She is fascinated by following the conversation between a full mind, and the surface that grows from empty to unknown. 

Her art practice is very intuitive and follows respectfully the change of mind. Working creates a meditative space where moves are not often pre-planned. The surprising outcomes are intriguing achievements.  

She is working mainly with painting and paper-based techniques.  

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