What is a tree other than freedom?

This project is about the story of a Finnish girl, Anna, and her family after the complete loss of one of the forests that accompanied the family for years. This loss, of course, is accompanied by the loss of a complete ecosystem as well. 

Clear cutting is the most popular way of collecting wood in Finland. It’s cheap and fast. A clear cut area will never fully recover. Clear cutting is one of the biggest reasons why biodiversity in Finnish forests keeps on declining. 

This project invites us to reconsider our behavior as consumers because we are who create the demand for big companies. If we continue acting as if nothing happens, many more stories like Anna´s will continue to happen. And little by little, biodiversity in the forests of Finland, as in the whole world, will be lost forever.

Ignacio Varela

Ignacio Varela a.k.a VARE is a graphic designer and illustrator born in Uruguay. 

He was studying at Mediapolis as an exchange student during the fall of 2019, taking some photography courses.

Nowadays he lives in Montevideo, Uruguay and works as a graphic designer at an advertisement agency. His first real contact with the world of art was when he started learning to tattoo and later he became a tattoo artist apprentice. Now the art of tattooing is used only as a hobby on Vare’s life.

Ignacio Varela photography

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