Wedgie Day



There is a day where the weak and vulnerable fear most, Wedgie Day. A day where no pair of undies go unstretched or ripped by the bullies and jocks of high schools around the globe. Only one man can stop these terrible humiliating attacks, one man who has no fear, feels no pain, and laughs at the elasticity of tighty whities: WEDGIE BOY!

Bastian Rademacher

Bastian Rademacher is a passionate exchange student from Germany. In his home university, he studies Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment. He has graduated with a Computer Animation with Digital Arts with Distinction Degree in Scotland. 

Bastian has two YouTube channels, VescoPlayer25 and UnterHoch3, where he publishes his videos and animations. Additionally, Bastian invests his time into developing video games. He researches games and analyzes them with real-life problems to try to improve the games’ well-being.

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