Fine Art Video Pitching

Every year our Moving Image students present their selected films to be screened and have a discussion about their film.

This year the pitching will be done via Zoom. The pitching will be moderated by Fanny Niemi-Junkola, Moving Image teacher. She will be joined by Tytti Rantanen & Jenni Toikka to give feedback on the students’ films.

Tytti Rantanen is a program coordinator from AV-Arkki. She is a versatile emerging professional in the audiovisual field.

Jenni Toikka is a Helsinki-based visual artist working predominantly with moving images. 

This year’s films:

TitleArtist(s)Duration Year
Vázquez Toured UPM BuildingDiego Zalovich1:502020
PollutioTuisku Nieminen, Mariana Santos, Julia Pabst2:142020
Back To NatureIsa Kiviaho, Silja Tusa5:352019
BroadcastSaga Tähtinen, Emmaline Ewe4:572020
The MetamorphosisYu Hsuan Harjula2:192019
Seeking the NatureTuisku Nieminen3:512019
Wedgie DayBastian Rademacher1:502018
20 BreathsSoyoung Chung, Yu-Hsuan Harjula and Diego Zalovich1:072020
Left BehindSaga Tähtinen, Emmaline Ewe3:502020
DivisionJulia Pabst, Tuisku Nieminen3:232020
YellowYu Hsuan Harjula1:512020
Here you can find the playlist of the films:

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