Video and Animation Work

Video and animation works by TAMK students involved in iWeek 2021.
Several of these works premiered during the iWeek 2021 Moving Image Pitching -session.

I said I’m fine by by Elisa Serave
2021 / Video / 3’31”

What may feel like just a moment of a parents’ life can be their children’s whole childhood. An irreplaceable childhood that affects how the child will grow up to feel, what they will think about themselves and how they view the world around them.

Childhoods can leave wounds that people will try to hide or that they will be ashamed of. The endless feelings of loss and hopelessness may hold its cold fingers around their heart for the rest of their lives.

It is our responsibility to take care of the small ones. The small ones we give birth to and the small ones that we are.

The Diary of Me and You by Teini Piibemaa
2021 / Video / 1’46”

The Diary of Me and You is a short movie shining a light on mental health and its (stereo)types. Mental health issues are delicate, but that should not mean that they cannot be talked about from the perspective of both the sufferer and their close circle. The viewer should try to and relate with both sides of this phone call and hopefully acknowledge that the conversation does not follow a classic good-person-bad-person-standoff script.

This movie contains audio from an actual anxiety attack by the artist and was filmed the next day.  

Us and Ours by Teini Piibemaa
2021 / Video / 3’45”

Us and Ours is a contemporary art piece demonstrating why, and how fast our inner-lives and surroundings move.

Nowadays everything is designed to be fast: fast cars, fast apps, fast money and fast decisions. Content creators are pushed in the direction of producing short and striking art, because thanks to social media, our brains are craving constant stimulation. And if you are not fast, you end up in trouble.
There seems to be a recurring theme of demand for a label on everything and everyone and we only scratch the surface of our perception of ourselves. We are losing the skill of reading body language. We are losing what makes us, us.

Us and Ours is a piece designed to slow down the world and let the viewer be reminded of the beauty of being. The work is not designed to be appealing to current social standards of content consuming, yet in every frame you can find something new and intriguing to focus on. 

Notes: This piece is most enjoyable with headphones! / This movie was filmed in the north of Finland.

Generation Broken by Saara Del Rio Rajanti, Gabriella Presnal & Naksu Kihlakaski
2021 / Video / 5’11”

An un-named individual goes through the process of consuming different modes of media as they slowly become addicted and lose their sense of self. This video attempts to visualize the theories around nostalgia, cultural theory, and how we can see that in everyday forms of media consumption.

The title Generation Broken critiques how media is repeating itself, and how under consumer culture we repeatedly deconstruct and recreate parts of our identity to keep up with the ever-changing trends. The video also critiques at least some aspect of how nostalgia has changed over the generations and has become more and more commodified. 

A Journey of Self-Love by Daria Craciun
2021 / Video / 2’44”

This video is about the journey of self-love and learning to accept yourself. The point is to normalize these thoughts depicted in the video and show people that they are not alone. The video also aims to summarize what a lot of us are going through as we experience change in our early stages of adulthood.

“I want it to feel like you get a glimpse inside my thoughts. It should be left in the open whether I am having a conversation in my head, a two-people point of view conversation, or just a discussion with someone important in my life.”

Craciun’s creative process relies on the therapeutic experience of letting go of one’s feelings.

The Alienation by Teuta Pashnjari
2021 / Video / 3’02”

The Alienation is a short art film/performance that highlights the feeling of isolation experience by an individual that has been detached from the rest of the society. The work embraces loneliness and the need of to be comfortable and in peace with oneself.

“The film is inspired by the social distancing measures caused by Covid-19. There have been moments during this time, when loneliness became part of the everyday lifestyle, hand in hand with social media and electronic gadgets. There were split seconds of thoughts in my mind where I kept asking myself: Why are we all going backwards?”

Ristimäentie by YuHsuan Harjula
2021 / Music Video / 4’30”

A music video made for the song Ristimäentie by Keff. The subject matter of the video is daily life, and the inspiration comes from the playful music itself. The point of the work is to emphasize the repeating nature of routines and how we try to find enjoyment in it.

Advanced Animation Showreel by Ada Ikonen
2020 / Animation Showreel / 0’52”

This reel was done for the final project of the Advanced animation course (2020 Autumn) where students were meant to combine all their homework tasks into a showreel that could be used in job hunting. Most of Ikonen’s reel is composed of personal projects that she did in her free time.

The reel was made using After Effects and programs used in the parts of the video include Unity, Blender, OpenToonz, Live2D and Mixamo. 

All content is protected by the copyright law of Finland, copying, presentation or other unauthorized use of the protected material is prohibited. 

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