The themes that were set out to explore for this small-scale video installation were those of precarity and intimacy. By being limited in both installation space and technology, the idea of “precarity” seemed like one that unavoidably conditioned the piece. This condition was then chosen to be magnified in the selection of both device and physical support for the video. Intimacy was a concept that seemed interesting to explore in this context. How would closeness feel like being filtered and affected by the material situation of the installation?

The video content of the installation shows a video of the artist speaking tenderly to an unknown listener; this is partly inspired by the (nowadays) ever-present video calls and its function as a replacement for actual human contact.

After an exploration into low-quality materials to act as support for the phone, a “trash harness” was created; it consists of cheap supermarket plastic bag that hangs by rubber bands flimsily tied to paper clips which, in turn, are tied to another plastic bag. This harness was then attached to an exposed pipe in a cold hallway.

The installation is meant to be a first exploration into how human intimacy coexists with the precarious and liquid nature of life nowadays.

The following are the registries of an initial version for the piece. It is important to note that the camera used didn’t have sufficient quality to capture the installation faithfully; there are several issues with the lighting and focus.

Diego Zalovich

Diego Zalovich is an artist and designer based in Montevideo, Uruguay. He has worked for the last years designing and developing interactive experiences and video work that explore the expressive possibilities and limits of each medium.

Having first worked in the field of interactive design, he later transitioned towards a more experimental approach after taking part in a number of art courses and seminars on contemporary art. He has participated in a number of exhibitions in Uruguay and online in The Wrong Biennale.

Diego Zalovich Art

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