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Art is an integral part of our lives. Creative solutions are needed for essentially everything: how everyday items and spaces are designed, what music and sounds surround us, how information is being shared and what content is being consumed. Art and creative thinking provide the possibility for better human experiences.   

This space combines works from Film &Television and Interactive Media study paths, created by TAMK students for everyday university tasks or client collaboration projects in 2020-2021. 

Herää Pahvi! Papermaking video by Emily Laakso & Mikko Lappi

Animation / 2’05”

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland and Design Forum Finland

This animation is a Visual Design client project from spring and summer 2020 for the Herää Pahvi! project. Natural Resources Institute Finland and Design Forum Finland collaborated with Tampere University of Applied Sciences and wanted a video for their YouTube channel, but the theme and concept was up to the students. After a tour of their lab, and a chance to make paper there themselves, Emily Laakso and Mikko Lappi decided to showcase how Herää Pahvi! makes paper out of agricultural waste material. They wanted the video to be informative as well as visually appealing, so they used a bold, bright colour scheme with a clear, minimal style. Laakso and Lappi used Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator to create the illustrations, and Adobe After Effects for the animation.

Self Portrait, Flora and House by Frida Brander


Self Portrait
”I wanted to play with portraits, so I decided to make this work more personal and use myself as reference. The process was simple since I basically took a photo of myself and traced it over it with the pen tool. Line animation was a fun method to use here and it was enjoyable to tackle a project that had various execution methods.”

”Also the fact that I used myself as a model made the whole process kind of personal considering the visual standpoint. I had some insecurities pushing through within the project – like thinking to myself “Does my nose really look that big” and almost editing it smaller in the illustration. It gave me a slight idea on what “part” of myself is acceptable to include in my art and what isn’t. This piece gave me an example of how the personal relationship between the piece and the artist is significant and should be taken into more serious consideration when executing a piece.”

“Flora was a project that I had pictured in my mind numerous times. I wanted to play with simple traditional animation techniques like drag and anticipation and see how they would act in the After Effects environment. I’ve seen the popular grain effect be used in several works by the artists I follow online. I see it as kind of a “go to” style when dealing with illustrations and vector animations, so I thought it would be useful to know how to do it.”

Brander enjoys taking inspiration from nature and makeup artists, so this project combines the two. The image of “Mother nature” was the atmosphere she tried to capture in this piece.

”I grew up in the countryside and always had a flower field next to my house every summer, so I would say nature has been in a significant role besides me in my artistic journey. Even though nature has worked as a source of inspiration, I have never been particularly good at drawing flowers. I figured this animation would challenge me to learn how to draw them properly.”

“After finding an interesting tutorial online which showed how to create the illusion of 3D with just stretching the illustration, I decided to give it a go and ended up with this cute house animation. I tried to keep the shapes and the design simple, since it was challenging to get the animation to work properly. I had not used the pen tool and transformation tool much before this project, so I learned new skills to help me later in my professional life. I am eager to use this technique more in the future and use it on projects of a bigger scale.”

The power that the artist holds in their pieces is amazing. Playing with dimensions and challenging the viewers’ way of thinking about what techniques were used in the piece. Brander would love to plant the curiosity of “I wonder how that was made/done” into the viewers mind and perhaps make them inspired to try it out for themselves. She says there is not a greater feeling than to know that your work has inspired someone.

Fantasy of the viewer by Ada Ikonen

Digital painting

This illustration was inspired by an artist who a few weeks prior got a Vtuber avatar. The model, expressions, and how well it was made inspired Ikonen to make fanart of this person’s avatar. The work was done on PaintTool Sai and Photoshop.

“Often whilst working on it, I thought about how I do not even know what this person looks like. Although she expresses herself in this way and her art is cute, and she seems to like cute things, it does not necessarily mean that her bed or wardrobe looks the way that I am drawing it. I realize that it is just a fantasy that my brain conjures based on 2D pictures and a voice. It goes to show how powerful imagination can be and how often we idolize or make up personalities for people we see online.”

Night Sky Pocket Planner 2021 by Emily Laakso

Visual design

“Night Sky Pocket Planner 2021” is a school project from the spring of 2020. For the project students had to design and illustrate a themed pocket planner. Emily Laakso chose to design her project around astronomy and what you may be able to see in the sky at different times of the year. The A5 planner has two weeks per spread, and 13 original illustrations, as well as detailed tips on what to look out for each month, all of which Laakso drew, designed, researched, and wrote herself. The illustrations were inspired by those found in old astronomy books and scientific journals. Laakso used Affinity Designer for the illustrations, and Affinity Publisher for the planner layout.

Light in the Sky by Anna Laukkanen

Animation / 0’58”

“Light in the Sky” is Laukkanen’s personal project from last fall’s Animation minor. For this project, Laukkanen continued work on her animated tv-series for which she had done pre-production work during her first year at TAMK as part of the Visual Design minor.

The animation tells the story of a UFO tourism invested island in England, where an alien spaceship plummets one night. This animation is the beginning of where the whole story sets sail. Laukkanen describes the themes in her animation as: what is possible or impossible, being yourself, and creating friendships that see no planet.

The project is still a work in progress, and therefore contains parts of the storyboard and animatic added into the final animation.

Tuuli by AnyDot

Music video / Performance / 3’05’’

“Tuuli” is an experiment. Anydot teamed up with the theater group at Tehdas108, and an immediate spark led to a freestyled music video.

Feelings sometimes trick us into a disconnection and creates a wall where the mind imprisons itself. The concept of the experiment was to free the mind – if one is free to dance, the mind will follow.

In the video, yoga teacher Elsimaria Eveliina displays a flow to reconnect and is backed up by freestyle music. It all comes together for a unique experience of dancing in the snow, of letting all troubles go, and just having a connection with the body and mind.

Showreel by Juuso Martikainen

Music video showreel / 1’04”

“My recent projects combined to a single piece of art. Written, directed, shot, edited, and colored by me.”

Magical World by Ada Ikonen

Digital painting

This work was done for a character design and world building course, where students had to work in teams to come up with characters and a world that the characters inhabit.

In the drawing there is an aerial view of a school, schoolgirls in school uniform and their magical partners, a black and white view of the boarding school’s room where the characters live, and the story’s anti-hero/mentor in his multiple forms and disguises. The latter character resembles a flying squirrel, because in Finnish mythology flying squirrels are considered the devil’s henchmen, which this character basically is.

Pessa ’Pikkuhiljaa’ by Juuso Martikainen

Music video / 3’40”

A music video is a short film of variable length, that integrates a song with imagery that is produced for promotional or artistic purposes.

“I start my projects by listening the song through a dozen times. At the same time, I’m picturing the visuals in my head. Then I start the screenwriting process, often with the artist, or sometimes they give me a carte blanche for the creative work.”

For the shoots Martikainen tries to scout a location which supports the song and the video. He uses a Sony a6500 camera with 16mm, 30mm and 18-105mm lenses. He edits all his videos using Final Cut Pro X editing software and sometimes he colors grades them using the Davinci Resolve.

Animation Showreel 2020 by Mikko Lappi

Animation / 1’10”

Animation Showreel 2020 is a brief showcase of Mikko Lappi’s skills in 2D and 3D animation, starting from hand-drawn 2D character animation, going to 3D animation and motion graphics.

The works are different from each other on the surface, but to the artist they represent a lot of personal exploration in a medium that he has very recently become passionate about. Lappi also feels that all of them have a certain level of craziness in them, to keep his interest up while learning.

All the animations are done digitally in Blender and After Effects. Other software used for these clips are Illustrator and Photoshop.

Music: “Sora No Iro No Kuruma (The car painted in the color of the sky)” by springtide

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