The Invisible Fighters

Political strike action started in the Industrial Revolution when workers demanded better conditions. Strikes are a way for the people to have their voices heard by others and the government.

Global masses called for change from political and business leaders, on the 20th and 27th of September 2019. These dates mark the largest strikes to date. In Helsinki alone, 18,000 people gathered in front of the Parliament House, many of whom are under the age of 20. 

The Invisible Fighters is a collection of digitally manipulated images. These images were originally documentation of the Helsinki Climate Strike on November 27th. They have now been altered, removing the children and adults holding protest signs. 

It highlights the younger generation, how they are fighting for their future. In the news and online, we see the faces of those protesting. When taking away the people, others must reflect on themselves and how they are taking action or if at all. What happens if the children disappeared? Would the message still be there? One would hope that the voices would still ring. 

Isabella Presnal

Isabella Presnal is a visual artist and second-year fine arts student at TAMK.  She has lived in five countries and multiple states. Her nomadic childhood led to her becoming a videographer. Isabella strives to tell meaningful stories through video.

Isabella has been making videos since she was 12 and working commercially since she was 16. She currently works as a videographer and video editor in her family company Presnal5. While videography is Isabella’s profession, the main medium in her art is photography. 

As an artist, she uses art to create works expressing themes of feelings of nostalgia and anxiety, the mind, and climate change. She has always explored art, taking any art course she could during her primary and secondary education. In high school, Isabella took Higher Level Visual Arts as part of her International Baccalaureate degree. At TAMK she has developed her art, as a painter and photographer. Her goal with her artwork is to spark emotion and be thought-provoking. 

Isabella Presnal Art

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