The Dreamer

The Dreamer​
Dreams have always fascinated humankind.  The act of dreaming, in fact, can be described as a sum of aleatory images that the human subconscious creates. The Dreamer aims to create the same effect. With footage from different places and countries where I have travelled to, with hand-held black and white and coloured shots or vertical shaky shots, this piece of work is full of mistakes and has no specific storyline to follow.  
However, life is more like this, like a very long dream – spontaneous, nonlinear and unpredictable.
The Dreamer is an experimental video that explores what happens inside of someone’s brain in the process of dreaming.

Luiza Preda

Luiza Preda mainly works with photography and moving images. Until recently, her projects have been more autobiographical. She has been interested in self-portraiture and how to use the camera as a therapeutic tool. Her practice includes working with double-exposures and the light-painting technique. 

As she has been deliberately living in multiple places where her cultural background received several different inputs, her projects explore themes such as migration, cultural identity and the new roles of the artist in our modern society.

“I can only acknowledge photography as a way of being and living. I do not see still and moving images as a sum of decisive moments, but more as a system of small bits of reality that, with the passing of time, will reveal new meanings.  I am not a nostalgic 35mm person. I am intrigued by how creativity can be combined with the new technologies used in manufacturing cameras.” 

Luiza Preda art

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