The Destruction Project (Part 1)

Elisa and Viktoria are painting two portraits and destroying them. This video is the first video performance where Elisa and Viktoria are destroying the artworks after painting. It’s the first part of a bigger project that they are currently working on. 

The subjects have done multiple crimes. R. Kelly is an American artist, who has committed multiple sex crimes, child pornography, kidnapping and forced labor since 1994. Josef Fritzl held his own daughter as a captive for 24 years. Fritzl abused and raped her repeatedly and kept her as his personal sex slave. The daughter gave birth to seven children during that time.

There are many bad and sick things happening in the world and so little people can or will do. This is their way of dealing with it. In their work, they are interested in discovering the feeling behind destroying an artwork as well as freeing themselves of the feeling of helplessness and to show how much they can’t accept crimes.

Apart from this, they are trying to raise the question if it’s okay to destroy a painting and if the subject of the painting has anything to do with the feeling and the act itself at all.

Here you can see the process of the project:

Elisa Serave

Elisa Serave is a first-year student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. She has always enjoyed art, but studying at TAMK is when she finally started making art herself. She is interested in all the mediums and still finding her own path in the magical forest of art.

Viktoria Goda

Viktoria Goda is currently, also, a first-year fine art student at TAMK. She is from Hungary, where she attended art high school. She is interested in bettering her technical skills and in finding new ways of self-expression.

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