I’m Not Responsible For Your Self-Made Obstacles

“I’m not responsible for your self-made obstacles and neither are any other women,” is the way she describes this ongoing series, which currently has 5 paintings. 

This particular painting is a direct shot to social media- how suggestive and (half)naked poses are glorified and labeled as “confidence,” some cases even “a way to financially support themselves.” 

But as soon as women work in onlyfans, porn, etc, they are slut-shamed, even though the ones shaming are the same people who are liking and praising the social media posts. All in all: bringing light to the very serious double standard and giving the middle finger to anyone who shames women!

Teini Piibemaa

Teini Piibemaa is a 22-year old Estonian artist, studying Fine Arts at TAMK University. 

With a hint of sarcasm, Teini focuses on the sore spots of our society, especially the hardships and double standards surrounding the modern-day woman. 

She takes inspiration from social media and personal experiences, often portraying them through self portraits.

Teini Piibemaa Art

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