Taking Over

Taking over is a project exploring the connection between humans and nature, and how they are important to each other. It brings the two subjects together, that are normally depicted as beautiful – female figure and nature – and shows them in a different light. This project shows the idea of nature taking over humankind. We always see how nature takes over abandoned places, but this time it is represented on a human figure – how nature takes control over us, suffocates us, as we have done to nature many times before. 

Julia Lammi

Julia Lammi is an Interactive Media student born in 1997 in Ulvila, Finland. She has been doing and studying digital painting and illustration for years now, and lately, she has found her interest in more traditional mediums, like oil paints, watercolors, ink, and acrylics.

Julia has always been interested in making art, but until now she hasn’t officially studied it – only on her own or in small courses. She has always been on a creative career path and has a degree in graphic design, and is currently studying interactive media, which includes visual design, animation, and game design.

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