My work begins with unfamiliarity found in familiar objects or situations. The different images I found in people, objects and places that I know attract my attention. We often passively accept the object in front of me or the situation given to me. That’s why we only see it trapped in that framework. I can’t see more than that. Observing familiar objects until they’re no longer what I’ve known them to be, they become something completely new. The closer I get to the object, the more habitually and inertia I see the form of the object disappears from view. The texture of the surface is visible and my gaze flows in all directions, not one center. As a result, visual images produce tactile sensitivities. This breaks the stereotype that was taken for granted and gives me a chance to rethink it. 

Minji Jeon

Minji Jeon is from Seoul, South Korea. She is an exchange student at TAMK. Her major is fine arts. Minji’s works fall into photography, installation, and paintings. Her interest in making the results of observations in her stories. 

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