Irreversible is a series about emotional and psychological healing. During a crisis or a struggle, we often find ourselves waiting for the moment when things will go back to the way they once were; we want to return to being our old selves. Our hardships change us, however much we wish they didn’t, and to truly heal we must accept these changes and embrace the person we’ve become, even if that means letting go of a part of our past selves and welcoming something new in its place.

Silja Tusa

Silja Tusa is a Tampere-based first year fine art student. Her works deal with universal themes and political issues through the lens of personal experience. She works mostly with mixed media, intrigued by different combinations of textures and materials. She has recently begun experimenting with non figurative art, and exploring how to express herself through new means.

Additionally, Silja has worked behind the camera for the short film Back To Nature

Silja Tusa Art

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