Short Films

These films are those by our Moving Image (English degree program) and Film and TV (Finnish degree program) students.


By Yu-Hsuan Yao

An immigrant struggles to accommodate the new life.

RE-DISTANCE. A diary of the virus

By Jana Köhler

The video starts in Germany with a phone call. I tell my sister I’m going to do an Erasmus in Tampere. I fly to Finland and have two exciting months. I want to fly to Switzerland to visit my friend Jascha in his exchange. The coronavirus has reached Europe. I am worried, but I still decide to travel.

Vázquez Toured UPM Building

By Diego Zalovich

This video work is about the asymmetrical nature present in relationships of power. To exemplify this, the controversial relationship between the foresting company UPM and the artist’s home country, Uruguay, is used.


By Mia Huu

We arrive in this world by breathing and the moment we arrive we start to search for connection. When we are born we need connections to stay alive. As we get older we need connections to feel alive. We arrive at each moment by breathing and breathing keeps us connected to ourselves. 

Eternal Loneliness

By Marianna Lehtonen and Aleksi Aro-Heinilä

Anna, a young Christian, is convinced she has to save her brother from the wrong path. But who gets to decide what kind of love is right?

Back To Nature

By Isa Kiviaho & Silja Tusa

It’s year 2025 and the depressed young woman founds the ancient healing method and she wants to go to try it as her last chance. Is this civilization going too far from our provenance and our true nature?


By Mia Huu

HUMAN(NATURE) is a film that takes us on a journey from holiness to destruction. It shows how our desire to own is what leaves us with nothing and destroys everything that is considered holy or pure.

Got Plants?

By Soyoung Chung, Yu-Hsuan Harjula, Diego Zolavich

The film focuses on the products that comes with house plants despite the good will and healthy intentions. It is not about blaming the consumers, it is to remind consumers what is the price we are really paying for this piece of nature at home.

20 Breaths

By Soyoung Chung, Yu-Hsuan Harjula, and Diego Zalovick

This work focuses on the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment, intertwining close-up shots of the natural environment with those of a pulsating human body. The resulting juxtaposition makes manifest the effort one agent excerts over the other, forming a permanent and dynamic link.

The Dreamer

By Luiza Preda

Dreams have always fascinated humankind.  The act of dreaming, in fact, can be described as a sum of aleatory images that the human subconscious creates. The Dreamer aims to create the same effect. With footage from different places and countries where I have travelled to, with hand-held black and white and coloured shots or vertical shaky shots, this piece of work is full of mistakes and has no specific storyline to follow.  

Seeking the Nature

By Tuisku Nieminen

The film is seeking the connection humans have towards nature as a safe place, and to examine the relationship between nature and technology. Technology is starting to be everywhere. Is there a balance?

The Wild West

By Isa Kiviaho

Two young men find the fruits of life and decide to have fun and destroy them.


By Aleksandra Näveri

Inspired by the early computer graphics from the ’80s and ’90s,  “processing the moment of a distant future/past” has been created by “a hand made” technique without the use of any presets to follow the authentic and retro feeling of the images.

Jalasjärvi Nail Art

By Hanna-Leena Köykkä

A life long friendship between Sannis and Nena takes a hit when Sannis receives a letter from Manchester University. Excited about her own future Sannis now needs to tell her best friend, that their paths are about to diverge. It is not easy, but are breakups ever?


By Jasmin Gams

Explores the relationship between make-up and the person wearing it. Make-up can be a good tool to boost someone’s confidence. Little insecurities that might bother a person and distract them from performing their best, can be covered up.

Sahalax ’66

By Vertti Luostarinen

Two university students are tasked with a mission to investigate peculiar occurrences within a secluded village. 19th century Finland is a tough place already as it is, but as they dwell deeper into the lives of the local populace, the students come to the realization that the village might hold more sinister secrets than what they ever imagined.

The Metamorphosis

BY Yu-Hsuan Yao

A house cat performs its regular routines in one afternoon.

Learn to Fly

In this video, our protagonist tries to learn to fly with the help of stop-motion editing skills. This video shows the sustainability in art works, and that you can fly with just your creativity.


By Tuisku Nieminen, Mariana Santos, Julia Pabst

This video intends to challenge the idea that only society is responsible for plastic waste.

The Owner

By Luiza Preda

People like to collect things. Since the 18th-century industrial revolution, people started to fill up their houses with things that they need and love. The things that they do not need are still stored in storage boxes or simply thrown away.


By Julia Pabst, Tuisku Nieminen

As the camera explores a male and a female body at the same time at two separate screens, it shows how similar they actually are. Having realized this – the two sexes can overcome the societal division and achieve sustainability and equal unity.

If Monopoly Was an Anime

By Waltteri Kivelä

Our main character, Eetu battles against his dad to become the best Monopoly player of the house. Who shall perish and who shall rise to become the greatest player there ever was…


By Saga Tähtinen and Emmaline Ewe

It explores exploitive journalistic media and human nature as humanity is on the brink of extinction.


By Saga Tähtinen and Emmaline Ewe

In LEFT BEHIND a lone survivor wanders the ruins of civilization in search of a clean water source, which is yet another key element to our survival.

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