Seeking the Nature



The film is seeking the connection humans have towards nature as a safe place, and to examine the relationship between nature and technology. Technology is starting to be everywhere. Is there a balance?

Tuisku Nieminen

Tuisku Nieminen is 23 years old cinematographer from Somero, Finland. He started to get interested in photography in 2017. Since then the camera has stayed in his life. 

First, he started to photograph his friends and nature. The inspiration to start photographing came from Youtube videos and tutorials which gave information about how to photograph and edit correctly. He wanted to take better photos than the other photographers on social media. He has photographed weddings, commercial, portraits, landscapes and art photos. Mostly the main focus has been using the light of the sun in his photos. 

He bought his first camera to make films but instead started to photograph because it was easier to do it by himself. The Tampere University of Applied Sciences was the first place where he really started to make videos seriously and passionately. Usually, people have called him a perfectionist. At the moment Nieminen works in Hopealinjat doing social media, marketing, and communication.

Tuisku Nieminen Art

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