Screening of Students’ worksfrom USJ, Lebanon and TAMK Media

16:00 – 18:00
At Mediapolis / Auditorio Kino

Yara Nashawaty, Outi Söderholm, Pertti Näränen

The movies by TAMK Film and TV Students:


Kia Tirronen | Finland 2021 | Fiction | 14 min

Olli thinks he can get his little daughter Nea to clean by buying a vacuum cleaner for her as a pet. Together they find the wonders of imagination.


Maria Hiekkamäki | Finland 2022 | Documentary | 10 min

A Letter to My Coach is a documentary about an adolescent female athlete, who develops a trusting relationship with her coach. The problems begin, when the abuse of that trust begins. After two years, the athlete decides to break the silence by writing him a letter about their shared secret



Helmi Holopainen | Finland 2022 | Fiction | 14 min

Naakka is a short film about the struggles of starting a relationship and meeting in the middle.


Jake Leppäkari | Finland 2021 | Fiction | 6 min

8-year-old Jere cannot always control his bursts of emotions because of his ADHD. On a floorball camp, Jere gets into a fight and hides in his room. Other children find his behaviour odd. For them, ADHD is just a funny word that gets mixed up with other abbrevations. Jere’s teammate, Santeri, wants to understand him. He reaches out to Jere and helps him to see things differently.

The short films shot by IESAV students

The short films shot by IESAV students in Lebanon between 2020 and 2021 tackle universal questions related to identity especially in times of crisis (conflicts, revolutions, confinement…).

For You, in Silence

by Afaf Steitieh

Film Title

by Fatima Joumaa 


by Ghadi Al Alam

Still Life

by Alexandre Meouchi

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