Sahalax ‘66

Sahalax ‘66

Two university students are tasked with a mission to investigate peculiar occurrences within a secluded
village. 19th century Finland is a tough place already as it is, but as they dwell deeper into the lives of the
local populace, the students come to the realization that the village might hold more sinister secrets than
what they ever imagined.

The director
Vertti Luostarinen is a fourth year screenwriting and emerging media student at TAMK. Vertti has made films in Palestine, Ghana and the Netherlands; according to him these travels have helped him remind himself what about his own background is unique and personal. He picks the topics of his independent films from local history and Finnish folklore. Surreal events and a bleak outlook of life are characteristic to his work. He believes that art should not be therapeutic but disruptive, and doesn’t want to provide easy answers to his audience.

Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor: Vertti Luostarinen
Sound Design: Ilkka-Pekka Rantanen
Field Recording: Olli Nurmela, Pyry Lehtinen
Gaffer: Tuomas Bohm
Hair & make up: Ronja Suomalainen, Inka Huhtamella
Graphic Designer: Arttu Siukola
Music: Vertti Luostarinen, Tommi Aalto
Costume Design: Kari-Mikko Karjalainen
Logistics: Topi Koivula


Pinja Rauhamäki
Kari-Mikko Karjalainen
Joni Sydänlammi
Milla Länsiö
Sebastian Pölkki
Topi Koivula
Elmo Kaartinen

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