Remember Me

Remember Me, 2019,is based on the research about image memorability (“What makes an image memorable?”, Rachid Dubey, Joshua Peterson, Aditya Khosla, Ming-Hsuan Yang and Bernard Ghanem, 2015).

I photographed single-use and abject that needs to be thrown away after a certain amount of time. The method is based on the findings of the research. These objects are so common and ordinary, that we most of the time forget about them and what effects they could have on the environment. My goal is to make viewers think about what they have in their homes and if there are alternatives to these objects that are more friendly to the environment.

Jasmin Gams

Jasmin Gams is a third-year Fine Arts student at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Being half Thai, half German and having lived in both countries, she has grown up in a multinational and cultural background. She moved to Tampere, Finland in 2017 but has already spent a year prior to that in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Jasmin has a background in drawing and painting, mainly with charcoal and acrylics or oils. Her main focus, however, is in Moving Image and Photography. 

Currently, her works deal with environmental and societal issues. Her works reflect and evoke different emotions from the viewers with hope to bring light and awareness to the issue the work deals with. Her style is generally minimal yet colorful.

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Jasmin Gams Art

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