RE-DISTANCE. A diary of the virus

The video starts in Germany with a phone call. I tell my sister I’m going to do an Erasmus in Tampere. I fly to Finland and have two exciting months. I want to fly to Switzerland to visit my friend Jascha in his exchange. The coronavirus has reached Europe. I am worried, but I still decide to travel.
After my arrival in Switzerland, the university and schools close and only pharmacy and supermarkets are open. My flight back to Finland is canceled. We decide to go to Germany to be with Jascha’s parents. The moment we arrive in the countryside in Germany, all our plans for the next months are gone. We wanted to discover Europe and landed in our home county.

RE-DISTANCE. A diary of the virus is a short documentary that uses the stylistic means of film, photography, and sketches.

It contains footage from the last four months of my life. It begins with my Erasmus in Finland and accompanies me on a journey to Switzerland which is not going as planned.

The coronavirus takes the pen in its hand and writes my diary. The virus changes my plans and brings me from the big world to a small village in Germany.

During my journey, I used the camera to capture difficult decisions and changing circumstances.

My special journey is just one of the many stories that had to be rewritten because of the coronavirus. Every viewer can find his own feelings in the video – like despair or hope. The story in my video has an open-end because it is still ongoing.

Jana Köhler

The art of Jana Köhler deals primarily with her personal life and its current questions. She prefers to work with photography and film. Jana always carries her camera to capture the world around her. A common stylistic device in her works is self-portraits.

By the fact that her main field is photography, her videography has many photographic elements. Recently she developed an enthusiasm for the sketchy representation of her everyday life.

Jana Köhler was born in 1999 in Karlberg, a village in Germany. She studies Media Art at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, right now she is in her exchange semester at the TAMK in Tampere, Finland.

Jana Köhler Art

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