Processing the moment of a distant future/past

Inspired by the early computer graphics from the ’80s and ’90s,  “processing the moment of a distant future/past” has been created by “a hand made” technique without the use of any presets to follow the authentic and retro feeling of the images. The video narrows down the conception of a “working movement”,  and it asks us how these graphics are actually qualified within our visual experiences and how they affect the user.

In addition to contrast the feel of an aged style, the idea carries also a very modern outlook. Today’s media and entertainment industries imitate strongly the feeling of outmoded aspects and effects due to its simplicity. Using old-school appearances have always been trendy, perhaps because it doesn’t need to be introduced.

Aleksandra Näveri

Aleksandra Näveri (born 1996, Hyvinkää) is mostly focused on creating art through digital and audiovisual ways for example via moving image and photography. In addition to her main study path in fine art, she has also concentrated her studies in TAMK on graphic design and UX/UI design.

Her artworks have been featured in such events as the Maailmantango festival, Digital Big Screen video festival, and Finlayson Art Area. From starting her artistic path around seven years old by drawing stick figures on advertising and subscription magazines to teenage years spent on photographing her neighborhood, Aleksandra has always found interest in abstract details and almost melancholic themes. Her style is rarely minimalistic but rather audacious either by a certain color scheme, depth of the imagery or any other way.

After the discovery of watching movies being her favorite pastime (especially science-fiction), she became highly interested in futuristic themes and has wanted to portray the topics such as the future of our globalization from an individual as well as sociological point of view. Some of her other central themes are specialized to study urban life and culture, self-identity, mental health and the human relation to nature and technology. 

Aleksandra Näveri Art

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