This exhibition features the works of our photography students. Many of the works were created during the fall as part of the Photography minor.

What is a tree other than freedom?

By Ignacio Varela

This project is about the story of a Finnish girl, Anna, and her family after the complete loss of one of the forests that accompanied the family for years. This loss, of course, is accompanied by the loss of a complete ecosystem as well. 


By Minji Jeon

Observing familiar objects until they’re no longer what I’ve known them to be, they become something completely new.


By Yu-Hsuan Yao

Through this work, I want to release some of the pain by making a piece out of my personal experience.


By Luiza Preda

Is a selfie just a mere representation of a person? What is the missing information of the transparent world that one chooses to share with the audience? Using photography as a tool for exploring the Self, Luiza Preda delves deeper into the practice of the selfie and its complexity.


By Janna Lindfors

Elina is examining the effect environment has on a person’s identity and how a person can visually resemble the landscape. The photographs were taken in Kauhajoki, Etelä-Pohjanmaa.


By Jenny Vesiväki

RIDE LIGHT is a diary entry about one bicycle ride. It is poetic documentation, a collage of emotions and interpretations evoked by moving through different environments. 

Travel Tickets

By Luiza Preda

Travel Tickets is a photography project that focuses on the internal migration of young people to the big cities for studying and working reasons – a current aspect that also redefines the definition of traveling. 


By Lais Glaser with Jasmin Gams

Created in the autumn of 2018, Standpoint is a photo project that focuses on understanding individual perspectives on different gender-related topics by combining interviews with portraits.

Mielikuvitusystävä – Imaginary Friend 

By Janna Lindfors

In modern society, an animal is a product existing in various forms, as for instance pets and toys. These representational products are symbols of cuteness, innocence, and ownership. The characteristics are being emphasized with the way animals are presented as caricatures, human-like, or easily accessible. 


By Anniina Nummela

Jewelry often acts as a tie to culture, tradition, personal and family history and self-expression – and in many cases, a person doesn’t recognize how strong and important these connections are to them until they are directly asked to think about it.

Invisible Fighters

By Isabella Presnal

Global masses called for change from political and business leaders, on the 20th and 27th of September 2019. These dates mark the largest strikes to date. In Helsinki alone, 18,000 people gathered in front of the Parliament House, many of whom are under the age of 20. 

Remember Me

By Jasmin Gams

Based on the research about image memorability. These objects are so common and ordinary, that we most of the time forget about them and what effects they could have on the environment.


By Seyoon Yoon

This social pressure affects not only people’s mental health but also climate change. Social pressure is one of the main reasons for fast fashion and cosmetic business’s thriving which brings overuse of plastics and a huge amount of trash.

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