Painting & Drawing

Our painting and drawing students have been working hard this spring to complete their paintings.

Elina Kinnunen‘s work The Triple Goddess is an oil painting made in a glazing technique. Each layer is individual. The background is dark blue as the night sky itself. The artist’s goal is the representation of the divine feminine concept in neopaganism, which symbolizes the three phases of the Moon as the three levels of feminine state of being: the Maiden (waxing Moon), the Mother (full Moon), the Crone (waning Moon). This work also contains a feministic aspect.

Irreversible, by Silja Tusa, is a series about emotional and psychological healing. During a crisis or a struggle, we often find ourselves waiting for the moment when things will go back to the way they once were; we want to return to being our old selves. Our hardships change us, however much we wish they didn’t, and to truly heal we must accept these changes and embrace the person we’ve become, even if that means letting go of a part of our past selves and welcoming something new in its place.

Nadine Bolduan’s works Sog and Bittersweet are originated from her first studies with acrylic color. The use of bright and contrasting colors is visible in both of her works and is also characteristic throughout her side studies for future works and independent sketches.

Sog is her first published abstract artwork. “Imagine you are diving when being at the bottom of the sea, looking up, seeing the sunrays breaking in the water. Already anticipating diving up towards the sun.” It is the story of a journey. Her work should evoke the feeling of joy, returning to the familiar origin you came from, where you will be safe again.

Bittersweet by Nadine Bolduan is a lively still life. Putting contrasting colors onto one canvas she combines the simplistic motive of arranged lemons with an attractive background color. “I really wanted to visualize the bitter taste of the lemons and capture the sparkly feeling that you get when biting into a lemon.”

With the significant strong coloring in her paintings, Nadine is focusing on creating a certain feeling in the viewer through associated emotions with strong and contrasting colors.

This piece I’m Not Responsible For Your Self-Made Obstacles by Teini Piibemaa, is an oil painting.

“I’m not responsible for your self-made obstacles and neither are any other women,” is the way she describes this ongoing series, which currently has five paintings. 

This particular painting is a direct shot to social media- how suggestive and (half)naked poses are glorified and labeled as “confidence,” some cases even “a way to financially support themselves.” 

But as soon as women work in onlyfans, porn, etc, they are slut-shamed, even though the ones shaming are the same people who are liking and praising the social media posts. All in all: bringing light to the very serious double standard and giving the middle finger to anyone who shames women!

Make a wish, 160×100 cm, by Jemina Knuutinen is the first piece of a series of large scale paintings of plants, inspired by Russian floral scarfs and murals.

UNTITLED, by Mia Huu, is a part of series UNEASY FEELINGS. I have been interested in uneasy feelings, the ones we don’t want to feel. Boredom, loneliness, shame, sadness to name a few. We try to distract ourselves from feeling those or any other feeling that makes us uneasy.

We deny them, we push them away and in some cases we are willing to do anything to make those feelings go away. I wanted to paint them. Make people look at the feelings they don’t want to feel and feel them while looking at the paintings. Maybe the feelings will change after we have felt them.

In loving memory is a series about memories. It consists of acrylic paintings, charcoal and pastel drawings. Each of them is inspired by pictures Juulia Vanhatalo has taken with her phone in different situations that she has thought were worth remembering. With the unsharpness and the movement, she wanted to portray the forgetting and the change that also walk hand in hand with memories. 

Untitled by Salla Kuoppamaa is from a series of works that experiment in abstract landscapes. The artist is interested in examining the interface between figurative and abstract forms.  

What are your shape and distance when you start to see? 

The Destruction Project is a collaborative project between Elisa Serave and Viktoria Goda.

Elisa and Viktoria are painting two portraits and destroying them. This video is the first video performance where Elisa and Viktoria are destroying the artworks after painting. It’s the first part of a bigger project that they are currently working on. 

The subjects have done multiple crimes. R. Kelly is an American artist, who has committed multiple sex crimes, child pornography, kidnapping and forced labor since 1994. Josef Fritzl held his own daughter as a captive for 24 years. Fritzl abused and raped her repeatedly and kept her as his personal sex slave. The daughter gave birth to seven children during that time.

There are many bad and sick things happening in the world and so little people can or will do. This is their way of dealing with it. In their work, they are interested in discovering the feeling behind destroying an artwork as well as freeing themselves of the feeling of helplessness and to show how much they can’t accept crimes.

Apart from this, they are trying to raise the question if it’s okay to destroy a painting and if the subject of the painting has anything to do with the feeling and the act itself at all.

Julia Lammi‘s Taking over is a project exploring the connection between humans and nature, and how they are important to each other. It brings the two subjects together, that are normally depicted as beautiful – female figure and nature – and shows them in a different light.

This project shows the idea of nature taking over humankind. We always see how nature takes over abandoned places, but this time it is represented on a human figure – how nature takes control over us, suffocates us, as we have done to nature many times before. 

Tamed Fear, by Mia Huu, is about facing our fears. Seeing through our fears – not everything is what it seems to be. Not letting our fears control us. I like to keep my fears right in front of me, someone wise has said that’s a good way to live and I have to agree. There’s no point to run from our fears, they will catch us eventually. I’d rather spend that time on getting to know my fears. 

Where’s the dessert? by Salla Kuoppamaa is a question asked when you are feeling there should be more coming but you are not seeing it happening.  

The painting plays with metaphors and self-irony. Different faces in the picture describe the different states of disappointment and following sadness.

From Iida Kontkanen comes pieces from this year’s painting course, and while not intended to be a series of works, they simply happened to become one.

As a subject, I was intrigued by bones and skeletons, which are both fun and challenging to paint, with their so harsh yet delicate geometric shapes and forms. This project started off with one painting and ended up accidentally becoming a series of paintings pertaining to bodies, body parts, flesh, and bone.

The series of paintings titled Dream Sequences by Teuta Pashnjari is inspired by the current situation we are living in.

I chose to work with oil colors because it is the medium that suits me the best. I decided that my paintings need something else other than oil paint, so I used a mixed media technique with cloth material and plastic. The plastic in the paintings is symbolic and it represents two things. 

By using this medium firstly I wanted to point out the changes in our climate, the harm we are doing to the earth by polluting it in different ways but also the struggles that we face within ourselves.

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