Nadine Bolduan Art

Her works Sog (50×60, Acrylics on MDF-board, 2019) and Bittersweet (50×50, Acrylics on MDF-board, 2019) are originated from her first studies with acrylic color. The use of bright and contrasting colors is visible in both of her works and is also characteristic throughout her side studies for future works and independent sketches.

Bittersweet is a lively still life. Putting contrasting colors onto one canvas she combines the simplistic motive of arranged lemons with an attractive background color. “I really wanted to visualize the bitter taste of the lemons and capture the sparkly feeling that you get when biting into a lemon.”

With the significant strong coloring in her paintings, Nadine is focusing on creating a certain feeling in the viewer through associated emotions with strong and contrasting colors.

Sog is her first published abstract artwork. “Imagine you are diving when being at the bottom of the sea, looking up, seeing the sunrays breaking in the water. Already anticipating diving up towards the sun.”

It is the story of a journey. Her work should evoke the feeling of joy, returning to the familiar origin you came from, where you will be safe again.

Dreams (70cmx100cm, charcoal, and marker on paper, 2019) is representing the different levels of dreaming and how they are all connected.

Almost resembling clouds in the sky on which you can slide from one to another, Nadine is emphasizing the feeling of being weightless and illustrates the unconsciousness of dreaming.

Untitled (29cmx70cm, ink on paper, 2020) is an experimental approach to create an abstract work without having a certain motive or technique.

Pennywise (20cmx30cm, pencil on paper, 2018)represents her most preferred drawing technique. Currently, she is working on creating a series of pencil drawings, including other villains of thriller or horror movies.

Nadine Bolduan

Nadine Bolduan is an artist based in Tampere, Finland. Originally born and grew up in a western part of Germany, Siegen. Discovering her love for art in primary school years and mostly doing pencil drawings she developed her skills in her free time, on a self-taught basis. 

She is mostly focusing on drawings and sketching. Currently studying at Fine Arts at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, she is expanding her painting skills by establishing own projects using mixed media and oil colors. Her works can be seen in the ongoing group exhibition “Bits of Us” at Tullintori, Tampere.

Nadine Bolduan Art

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