Moving Image Minor: VIDEO PITCHING

Thursday 07.04 10:00-12:00
ADA 10016

Curated by Fanni Niemi-Junkola and Sari Tervaniemi
Guest panels: Hanna Maria Anttila Director of AV-Arkki, Sami Sänpäkkilä

After 2 years of virtual video pitching for Moving Image minor, we finally return on campus! Welcome to join screening of the students’ works, and panel discussion at Mediapolis ADA 10016.
The screening will be led by our Fine Art lecturer Fanni-Niemi Junkola and Sari Tervaniemi, alongside special guests this year, Hanna Maria Anttila (Director of AV-Arkki) and Sami Sänpäkkilä (Musician, film-maker and the head of Fonal Records)

Trailer of Moving Image: Video Pitching


Duration: 4 min 54 sec 
Year: 2021 
Artist: Sami Sakari


Duration: 3 min 8 sec
Year: 2021 
Artist: Mika Yli-Mäyry

The Long Way Home

Duration: 5 min 18 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artists: Jan Pitkäsalo, Victoria Fofanova, Robert Eftychiou, Halla Hannelin 


Duration: 1 min 
Year: 2022 
Artists: Maria Zapf, Ailandas Legačinskas, Jonna Lehtomaa 

The Man in The Attic

Duration: 2 min 57 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artists: Saara Kankare

Sarah’s Cycle

Duration: 5 min 
Year: 2022 
Artists: Labib, Michèle-Nay Meaiki, Jerónimo Pereira 


Duration: 4 min 8 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artist: Jonna Lehtomaa 


Duration: 3 min 27 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artist: Chanbi Kim 


Duration: 2 min 34 sec 
Year: 2021 
Artist: Jonna Lehtomaa


Duration: 2 min 24 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artist: Irina Kinko, Pihla Paju


Duration: 2 min 45 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artist: Saara Kankare, Iris Manner, Chanbi Kim


Duration: 2 min 9 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artists: Megan Wearen, Hayoung Lee, Jacqueline Stähle

Virtual Corporeality

Duration: 5 min 36 sec 
Year: 2022 
Artist: Sami Sakari

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