Min Kyung Cho

Some visual phenomena in our nature (reflected light, the glittering surface of the water, wave, flame ..) are exist in visual effect but disappear in a second, they can’t also grab. Whenever I came across this kind of immaterial objects, they echoing me. Even they didn’t touch my skin, I can feel it with my various senses. Ephemeral moments that echoing me are the motif and departure of my work. People seeing my work through their individual experiences and senses can feel the exquisite and subtle balance in nature. Not only with visual sense but also synesthetic way, they can feel my work as a poem.

Min Kyung Cho

Min Kyung Cho was born in 1996 and is from Seoul, the Republic of South Korea, where she also lives and works. Min is an exchange student at TAMK, from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology. 

She first got into fine art, when she realized she flourished while learning about art history. She was impressed with art’s way to affect people and changing the view people see the world. After making art, she can see other aspects of our world.

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