HUMAN(NATURE) is a film that takes us on a journey from holyness to destruction. It shows how our desire to own is what leaves us with nothing and destroys everything that is considered holy or pure.

In HUMAN(NATURE) I tried to capture us as a part of the environment and as destroyers of that environment we are a part of. Even when our intentions are good and we wish to do no harm, we might still be doing harm. 
We arrive in this world by breathing and the moment we arrive we start to search for connection. When we are born we need connections to stay alive. As we get older we need connections to feel alive. We arrive at each moment by breathing and breathing keeps us connected to ourselves.

In ARRIVAL I wanted to explore breathing and how it is connecting us to literally everything – into this world and most importantly it connects us to ourselves. I practice yoga and over the past year, I have realized how important it is to move with our breath. How we breathe makes a huge difference in how we move, how we feel, how we are present and how we are connected on and off the yoga mat.

Mia Huu

Mia Huu (born 1991) is a Fine Art student at TAMK. She was born in Helsinki and has moved around Finland quite a lot. Now she’s been living in Tampere for few years and is already waiting for student exchange to be able to live and work abroad. She has been drawing and photographing since a kid and painting since her late teens. Shooting film is her newest interest in the art field.

Huu mainly concentrates on drawing and painting. Her biggest passion is murals and she has done mural as one of the artists of Maailmantango in 2017. It is located in Koilliskeskus, Tampere. ”Bigger is better when it comes to painting”, she laughs. When it comes to drawing she enjoys small details and her favourite technique is dotwork which she uses in her poetic comics and portraits.

”I like to give a form for feelings and thoughts that are hard to understand or explain so people who have similar feelings or thoughts feel less alone. At this moment I’m very fascinated by fear and feeling of loneliness, how they affect us and how we act when feeling afraid or alone.”

At the moment Huu has three of her works in a group exhibition Bits of Us. Exhibition is located at Pop Up gallery she organized and build on March to a local shoping center. Gallery is closed now and will open again when it is safe

Mia Huu Art

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