Joulukortti by Satu Rajala

A young girl and a boy are excited while waiting for Santa to visit them. However, after they hear Santa drop onto their roof, the boy gets dragged out from the chimney and his head is squeezed off by this Santa-looking creature, Krampus. Apparently, Evil Santa came to punish those who were naughty.

Satu’s animation is a stand-alone piece that was created for a course called Introduction to Animation. It was the first time she had done any animating, so she wanted to have a bit fun with the project. The project is made using Krita and Adobe After Effects.

The topic of the task was to create a greeting card for the Christmas holidays. Because Satu is a big fan of horror, she wanted to create a gory but fun twist at the end of her greeting card. If she sees a chance to implement something horror-related to projects, she’s taking it for sure. Also, usually, Christmas is all about atmospheric lights and warmness but Satu wanted to add some contrast to those themes.

So, instead of wishing Merry Christmas, Satu is reminding everyone to be nice or something bad is going to happen.

Satu Rajala

Satu Rajala is a first-year Interactive Media student in TAMK. She doesn’t have any preferences in mediums at the moment but she’s currently trying to focus on learning graphic designing and digital drawing.

Satu was born in a small town called Kurikka, Finland. She moved to Jyväskylä to study web development at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK). After graduating, she wanted to broaden her skills, so she came to study at TAMK.

Traditional drawing has always been an important part of Satu’s life. However, after going to school in Jyväskylä, she gave up art for almost six years to focus on web development. Now she’s trying to get a hang of it again and find an art style and a medium that fits her the best. 

She has tried a bit of digital drawing and painting, 3D modeling and other forms of graphic designing. Because art gives her much comfort, she on a journey to find a perfect balance between working in graphic designing and web development.

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