iWeek Exclusive: Media and Art Talk Show

Hosted by Brandon Emene & Deniz Kardzha

We are proud to present Media and F’arts Vol2.

Media and Farts is a Saturday Night Live/MTV style online show hosted once a year for International week. Made to discuss and highlight topics such as culture media and education here within the TAMK community. We explore the world both inside and outside as artists and students of life. Kick back relax and come join us for a evening of fun, filled with discussion and work submitted by your fellow colleagues.

Media and F’Arts 2022 participants:

Mikko Lappi
Daria Crăciun
Victoria Fofanova
Sami Sakari
Silja Tusa
Nadine Labib
Brandon Emene
Deniz Kardzha
Isabella Presnal
Robert Eftychiou
Luiza Preda
Allan Castellanos
Muhammed Aghaei
George Georgiev

Production Team:

Producer: Brandon Emene
Co-Producer: Deniz Kardzha
Set design: Daria Craciun 

Camera 1: José Pesu-Inácio 
Camera 2: Marc Jamous  
Graphic Design: Ada Ikonen

Audio Editing: Mark Malyshev 
Editor 1: Brandon Emene 
Editor 2: Marc Jamous

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