Veera Jokitalo

Veera Jokitalo

Veera Jokitalo is a second-year fine art student in the Media and Arts bachelor’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

Although Jokitalo primarily works with oil paints, she has wanted to challenge herself to work with different mediums within her studies. Lately, she has branched out to mediums such as charcoal and fine art photography. 

Jokitalo combines difficult and heavy subjects with a delicate touch, using a considerable amount of detail with rough, spontaneous brushstrokes. She is captivated by the idea of merging the two opposites together to make a harmonious outcome and forming a dialogue between them. Solace, the human body, and psychological phenomena are themes that recurrently appear in her work. 

Currently, Jokitalo is looking forward to actualizing her artistic projects and ideas, as well as applying for exhibitions as a visual artist. Recently Jokitalo took part in Finlayson Art Area -teams’ collective exhibition, which was held at Gallery Himmelblau, Tampere, and Levoteatteri’s multifaceted exhibition concept “Runokuvaa” at Kokoteatteri, Helsinki. 

Instagram: vera_venea

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