Teuta Pashnjari

Teuta Pashnjari

Teuta Pashnjari is a third-year fine art student currently on exchange studying at ICART in Paris, France.

Originally from Albania, Pashnjari is now based in multiple countries such as Finland, Greece, Germany and now France. Her main medium is painting and drawing but she is also working with photography, performance, installations, site-specific practices, and moving image works as well.  

Constantly seeking inspiration and motivation throughout her artistic journey, Pashnjari’s creation style is now focused on figurative and representative subject matters in connection to their surroundings. Her works focus on emotions, connections, and the perceptions between people and nature. As an ambivert individual, she naturally treasures quality time alone in nature as much as when she is surrounded by wonderful people. These factors are the main subject matters in her works and in relation to who she is, how she sees, feels, and creates in the world today. 

Instagram: @teshoh @teutaptea

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