Teini Piibemaa

Teini Piibemaa

Teini Piibemaa (b. 1997) is a Tampere based, Estonian artist. As an Estonian living in Finland

She finds inspiration in the huge cultural, societal, and economic differences that these two – seemingly similar – countries hold. While struggling with mental health and the stigmas surrounding them, Piibemaa finds escape in her paintings and a way to express her intrusive thoughts in a harmless manner.

With her work, Piibemaa often focuses on the sore spots within our society and shines a light on the life of a modern, 21st-century woman. Piibemaa’s creations are also a way of dealing with an internalized misogyny that has been placed on her shoulders by generational curses and societal pressures. With her works, she intends to dissect how women are being portrayed by the outside world as well as her own inside world. 

Piibemaa is currently in her third year of studying fine arts in the Media and Arts bachelor’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).  

Instagram: @Teiniart
Contact: teiniart@gmail.com

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