Sami Sakari

Sami Sakari

Sami Sakari is a first-year student studying fine art in the Media and Arts bachelor’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

His works explore the unifying fabric of experiences that run deeper than the superficial layers of cultural forms which divide human tribes from each other. The cyclic nature of existence, the impermanence of all material things, and the universal needs we share are some of the recurrent themes in his works.  

He does not limit himself to any one method of working, but instead, he utilizes different mediums to create a wide range of connections with the participants. Employing both the modern and vintage tools of the commercial media production, for example cameras, lenses, computer software and analog hardware.  

He seeks a balance between a carefully controlled approach and giving space for the unpredictability of analog and organic materials. In this way, he is reconciling his uneasy alliance with the technology that is driving us apart and leaving us ever more disconnected. 

Instagram: @Ssmkknn

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