Mikko Louhimaa

Mikko Louhimaa

Mikko Louhimaa is a second-year fine art student in the Media and Arts bachelor’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

His study path draws on a long-term interest in monochrome drawing, which is his main medium along with fine art photography.  

Louhimaa has explored many mediums in his personal practices and continues to develop his skill set while combining fine art with other forms of expression such as dance & performance arts, music, and literature.  

The main subjects of his work are our inner worlds and ways of relating to reality, our sense of self, and psychological phenomena that illustrate the distortions of these matters. His artistic practice draws much from his interest in humanistic sciences, and he is interested in developing a therapeutic art practice to find a sense of purpose for art through involvement in social – and personal – welfare.  

Louhimaa’s publications include fine art photography in the context of Hip Hop culture’s marketing for Tulvamedia. The social media portfolio of his photography as of recent years gives a glimpse of his journal-like approach to photography through which he has documented his life. 

Instagram: @Pikkumikko_

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