Elina Fiona Kinnunen

Elina Fiona Kinnunen

Elina Fiona Kinnunen (artist name Haltija Art) is a third-year fine arts student in the Media and Arts bachelor’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

She has been working on many art projects throughout her artistic career. They vary in medium, for example, starting from site-specific rock balancing art projects to fantasy illustrations and even psychedelic works for festivals and nightclub events. Her main mediums are traditional: working with watercolor, gouache, oil, UV paint, ink, and graphite & colored pencils.  

The most central message Kinnunen wants to convey is her personal visionary experiences through her works and allow viewers to decode this information based on their personal perception.  

She also uses biodegradable materials like pebbles, rocks, and leaves in her site-specific land artworks. Kinnunen has been drawn to mysterious things from an early age, and her main themes are nature, folklore, outer worlds, lucid dreams, and spirituality in their broad spectrum of light and dark aspects of existence. The artist also wants to fight various forms of stigma and labels using her artistic language. 

Website: https://www.haltijaart.com
Instagram: @haltija_art

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