Chau Anh Tran

Chau Anh Tran

Chau Anh Tran (artist name Chouvaille) is a first-year interactive media student in the Media and Arts bachelor’s program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK).

She has been working on a diverse series of art projects such as a graphic designer, an illustrator, a craft artist, and a small business owner. She uses both digital and traditional art creation methods in her works. In traditional artworks, she primarily uses pencil, watercolor, and clay. 

Her passion for art and design has been developing from an early age, the inspiration coming from gorgeous paintings and designs on the covers of romantic novels and bedtime stories she read every day. Her work’s themes are inspired by nature, Asian culture, animals, and psychology.  

Tran finds enthusiasm in conveying her life experience, messages, and stories through the artworks as well as sharing her knowledge in the arts with other people.  

Instagram: @Chouvaillee

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