Yara Nashawaty: Film Expression Workshop

Classroom 20034

Yara Nashawaty
IESAV – Saint-Joseph University of Beirut

04/05/07.04.22 12:30-15:00
06.04.2022 14:00-16:30

IESAV – Saint-Joseph University of Beirut

The film expression workshop groups 6 to 8 participants who will produce short individual video diaries (3 to 5 mins) over the period of 4 intensive days.

The applied method during these workshops will highlight the individual stories of each participant under the pillars of aesthetics, form, and content. Teachings will focus on pushing each participant to identify and develop his/her own film language in a durable way. By using the camera as means of communication for their diaries, the participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with it as a tool and make it seem less daunting. As the workshop evolves, so will their relationship to it as a narrative and aesthetic component.  

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