What I’ve Always Wanted to Say

Tuesday 05.04.2022 10:00 – 18:00
Design of Interactive Digital Posters
ADA 10016

Multi-disciplinary Workshop
Hochschule Hannover


Prof. Dorothee Weinlich
Hochschule Hannover
Experimental design, Integrated Media & Communication

Prof. Jutta Brinkmann
Hochschule Hannover
Technical information design and technical editing

Esther-Marie Kröger (Emma)
Hochschule Hannover
Team Internationalization

V-Prof. Anke Wiesenthal
Hochschule Hannover
Media design, filmmaking, film editing

Duration: 8 hrs.
Participants: 12
Level: Intermediate

Student teams develop visual stories on the subject of “what I’ve always wanted to say”. One group will make films, one group will design artist books, one group will design the digital interface. All of the resulting works are finally put together on an atmospherically designed digital interface. The digital poster will be visible on the university homepage at the end of the international week.
We are primarily concerned with personal reflection. At the beginning of the workshop we will offer warm-up exercises so that a process of confrontation with oneself and the group gets underway. Topics such as the “personal why” are presented. Where do I come from, where do I want to go. It is important to know what is worth using your power for. Find your WHY. Become visible.
What does my inner landscape look like and how can I express it visually with and without words on the outside. The view of the big picture is revealed. Collective storytelling as a group is encouraged.

Learning goals

  • Students work interdisciplinary with a focus on the areas of fine arts, design and film
  • Students develop their individual and design skills by implementing typographic and design components of varying complexity
  • Students learn to take and edit moving images with dramaturgical and aesthetic objectives
  • Students concept an easy information architecture and design a digital interface for a digital product
  • Students learn how different disciplines work together and get to know why art is a big topic in digitization
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