Fine Arts Graduating Exhibitions 2022 

Thursday, 07.04.2022 (9:00 – 10:00)
ADA 10016

Host – Isabella Presnal 
Guests/Panelists – Anniina Nummela, Janna Lindfors, and Luiza Preda

This panel presentation will present the exhibitions Aerial Roots and Embers, by the graduating Fine Arts students, and their works. We will discuss collaborative artwork, the process of creating an exhibition, and the future of virtual exhibitions. Afterward, the audience is welcome to ask the artists questions. 

Aerial Roots is the solo exhibition of Luiza Preda that combined auditory experiences with interactive audio-visuals. Embers is the degree show of seven graduating Fine Arts students – Jonathan Carey, Natalija Sari Dakovic, Janna Lindfors, Anniina Nummela, Isabella Presnal, Elizabeth van Schaik, and Seyoon Yoon. 

All things go through a cycle of birth, growth, and death – and at times, rebirth. Embers explores the timeless concepts of this cycle.
When a fire comes to an end, what’s left is small, glowing coals. Embers are a metaphor for things that are coming to an end, but also for the potential of setting something new ablaze. They are allegorical to the memories, stories, dreams, and feelings present within the art of this exhibition – and to the possibility of setting alight matters that have been extinguished.

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