Experiencing Floral Visual Design

Tuesday 05.04.2022, 10:00 – 12:00
Classroom 40013

Aeres university of applied sciences

Duration: 2 hrs.

The intention of the workshop is to exchange experience and knowledge with other teachers of online classes connected to art or senses that are necessary to create.

(5 min) (warming up, interactive) 

•Introduction: SOOS-5, an experience from Aeres University Wageningen, Netherlands (20 min) (explanation of our method during online lessons) 

•Orientation: what brings you here? (activating method) (20 min) 

•Workshop: experience senses, rituals (30 min) (introducing plant materials and working with plantmaterials with an interactive workshop combined with a ritual) 

•Exchange ideas (15 min) 

•Workshop: stimulating creativity  (30 min) (I have some interesting creation assignments) 

•Workshop: discover together how to digitalize senses (30 min) (Interactive in groups) 

•Exchange ideas (15 min) 

* Reflection (10 min) 

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