Essence in Film Storytelling and Visual Expression 

Tuesday 05.04.2022, 10:00 – 16:00
Classroom 30014

with Beth McCann and Pavel Prokopic, University of Salford

Essence in Film Storytelling and Visual Expression
Duration: 4 hrs.

Pavel and Beth will introduce their research and their teaching practice at the University of Salford, UK in the context of the MA Film production programme, and especially the Established and Innovative Practices module they jointly deliver.

Subsequently, they will outline and present two parallel workshops. The first one is rooted in storytelling and would be primarily suitable for screenwriters and anyone wishing to improve their writing and storytelling abilities. The second one is more closely aligned with visual expression in nonnarrative and experimental film, and is suitable for students interested in camerawork and visual style. Students will be able to choose one of these workshops based on their interests. At the end, the two workshop groups will come together to jointly share and reflect upon the outcomes of their work. This will allow us to explore the affinities of essence between narrative and non-narrative practices in film.

The Adaptive Essence in Screenwriting with Beth McCann

Defining essence is abstract as it can consist of tone, aesthetics, character, story world or even emotion. Sometimes essence is referred to as the soul of the project; the indescribable and potentially indeterminate elements that can be transposed from the original form into a new body of work. This workshop will allow writers to explore their own project’s essence and potential alternative adaptive lenses.

The Filmic Essence: Space, Atmosphere and Affect in Experimental Film with Pavel Prokopic

Film is an important vehicle for telling stories, communicating meaning and stimulating
strong feelings in the viewer. However, what are the unique expressive attributes of film as such, outside of coherent communication – attributes that do not quite exist in any other art form? In other words, what is the essence of the filmic? And can our filmmaking practice focus primarily on this filmic essence as a source of creative direction and inspiration?

At the outset, Pavel will explain the concepts of space, atmosphere and affect, and establish how they can guide and inform filmmaking practice. Students will then be encouraged to explore their wider surroundings with the camera technology at their disposal (smartphones or DSLR), responding to visual opportunities and creative limitations – guided by their enhanced understanding of the filmic essence.

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